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Jerry plays drums like they’re a lead melodic instrument.

He began playing drums in 1966 in rock-n-roll, rhythm and blues and country music.  His first 15 years took him through a wide range of music with numerous bands and studio recording from Milwaukee, Detroit and St. Louis areas to Philadelphia and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Performing 6 nights a week during much of this time, he toured and played dance clubs with a wide variety of popular music.

In the mid-1970’s he studied classical music theory and composition for three years at Rowan State University, learned to played numerous instruments (keyboards, saxophone, cello, bassoon, trombone, etc.) and expanded his skills as a versatile percussionist. 

After playing drums with Webb Pierce (Grand Ole Opry and country music recording star) touring in southern New Jersey in 1975-1976, he started a new band, Stone Broke, in Houston, Texas.

Jerry played throughout the 1980’s with Stone Broke in clubs and private parties in Houston, Texas, playing rock, rhythm & blues and country music.

With a doctorate in education and instructional technology, Dr. Galloway has been a college professor for over 25 years.  A public speaker, author and lecturer, Jerry is also a pilot, actor on stage and screen, and a member of MENSA.  He is 5-time national medalist and Master of Taekwondo as well as an amateur astronomer.  He serves as the astronomy lecturer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

As a solo vocalist, Jerry is a signed artist with Tate Records.  Jerry’s classic Slingerland drum set, one of the most comprehensive setups available today - dating from the early 1970’s - and has evolved to handle the biggest shows playing the largest arenas, cruise ships, casinos, and clubs both on and off the tour.

Along with Glenn, Jerry Galloway is a winner of the worldwide OCT "Indie" award for country music in Nashville in both 1999 and 2000.  Since the 1990's, he and Glenn have refined their performance as the power party duo Glenn and Jerry.