The keyboardist of the duo, Glenn has an extensive history as a professional musician.  Hailing from the Pacific Northwest in the late 1960ís, he was a founding member of the original Everyday People (History Link).  Glenn has toured and performed with many big names over the years including Strawberry Alarm Clock, Roy Clark, Dionne Warwick and Glen Campbell.  
Glennís background in musical theory contributes to the development of our material. Glenn plays both electric piano, synthesizer and key-bass which provides a full range, big band sound. The wide range of sounds demands everything from the strong piano of rhythm and blues and rock-n-roll to the intricate arrangements of a full string orchestra Ė all of which Glenn commands from his tier of keyboards.

Glenn has performed for the largest arenas, one-night venues, in clubs and house bands, on the road and off. Glenn has extensive experience touring with the biggest names in music entertainment.  Along with Jerry, Glenn Miranda is a winner of the worldwide OCT "Indie" award for country music in Nashville in both 1999 and 2000.  Since the 1990's, he and Jerry have refined their performance as the power party duo Glenn and Jerry.