Photo of my Meade LX-200GPS-UHTC
   - 14"
First light - July 28, 2003

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Satellite Global Positioning System (GPS), Computer-driven,
Schmidt-Cassegrain model.

Photo of my Meade LX-200GPS - 12" f/10

Satellite Global Positioning System (GPS), Computer-driven, Schmidt-Cassegrain model & tripod.  The photo shows super-wedge and a home-made tripod platform also present in the 14" above..  - Click Photos

Photo of my new Meade LX-90 - 8" f/10
First light - Dec 21, 2002.

Schmidt-Cassegrain model.  No Global Positioning System (GPS), But does include Computer-driven Goto.  Convenient for transport on airline.  This photo shows setup at camp.   - Click Photos

Catalog photo of my previous scope.
Meade LX-200 - 10" f/10 telescope
that saw first light in September 2000.
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My second (first "real") telescope...
Celestron Firstscope 114 - 4.5" telescope.
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With equatorial mount, Newtonian - 900 mm focal length.  A very nice "first" scope for the feel that you're really doing something.  Mine around 1998-1999.


My first telescope... Galileo - 2" refractor telescope. - Click Photo

More or less a children's scope with limited abilities.  Worked fine for looking at the moon - but not good for anything else.  A very small refractor with a few eye pieces of low quality and a very shaky tripod.  Mine around 1997-1998